Dr. Giorgi Kvesitadze

Giorgi Kvesitadze is PhD, DSci, Full Professor, Presedent of Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Director of Durmishidze Institute of Agricultural Univesrsity of Georgia (DIBBAUG), Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Kvesitadze, is also Academician-Secretary of the of Biological Department of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences and coordinates many prominent S&T activities and initiatives in Georgia in the field of biological sciences / biotechnology. He is a Member of Editorial Boards of three international Journals, two Journals of Russian Academy of Sciences and Journal of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia. In 1992-1994 he was Minister of Agriculture and Food Processing of Georgia. Dr. Kvesitadze held over 80 seminars in the USA, Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, England, Spain, Italy, etc.
Main fields of activity: Collection of mesophilic and extremophilic microorganisms (more than 3000 strains), Characterization of stable enzymes (cellulases, xylanases, amylases, etc) isolated from microorganisms growing at extreme conditions, Elaboration of new technologies based on the action of microorganisms and their enzymes, Investigation of microorganisms and plants abilities to assimilate and metabolize organic ecotoxicants and heavy metals, Biological control of plant bacterioses. Dr. Kvesitadze participated (mainly as project director in 20 International and National grants. He has more than 200 Scientific publications in National and International Scientific Journals and 6 Monographs.


April 2019


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