About the project

The 36-month BIOPARTNERS project gives Georgia the possibility to improve the research activities of their highest quality in the FP7 thematic priority “Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology”, through twinning activities between one of the leading Georgian scientific and educational organizations, the Durmishidze Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Agrarian University of Georgia (DIBBAUG) with their long term partner University of Murcia (UMU). The S&T specialist (inno), an international S&T collaboration expert and experienced FP7 coach and trainer for the scientific organizations, will provide methodological, coaching and training support to the project. A coherent development strategy for DIBBAUG will be prepared, based on SWOT analysis and on the socio-economic analysis on Georgian, regional (Caucasus) and European level. A twinning plan will be prepared and it will include joint research plan developed and agreed by the twinned scientific partners. A plan for strengthening of collaboration research links between DIBBAUG and other EU research organizations will be set up and implemented. The objective of this project is to improve the networking capacities of DIBBAUG with research centres in Member States or Associated Countries in view of disseminating scientific information & results of research, and will help to identify new partners with similar scientific interests. It also aims to strengthen cooperation and research capacities of Georgian prominent research centre, DIBBAUG, bringing them at the highest level. This project will include several main types of activities, thus forming a coherent plan for improving the DIBBAUG’ capacities in a number of fields relevant to the FP7 Thematic Priority “Food, Agriculture & Fisheries, and Biotechnologies”:

  • Twinning activities
  • Larger-scale networking & brokerage activities
  • Exchange of researchers and young specialists and organization of joint events
  • Training and coaching activities


April 2020


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